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Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin
I have very sensitive skin, tiny fungal acne bumps on my forehead, and a few red bumps on my cheek. Every cleanser I ever use breaks me out, the only things that have not are simple micellar water and DICKINSONS witch hazel. I used witch hazel as a cleanser for a long time and it works great but after a year my skin started to get texture and bot feel as clean despite using chemical exfoliants like normal. I decided I would try this cleanser in hopes that my skin would feel cleaner, but it did not. My forehead was not really flaring up but it did using this product for two days, and I even got a pimple on my eyebrow. The bumps on my left cheek was starting to go down, but got super big, red and itchy with this. More bumps around it as well. However, the right side of my face, which is normal, and my oily nose did not react at all. I think under normal conditions this would be a good product, it just did not work well for my skin unfortunately.
Nano White Nanowhite Eye Brightener
I started using it today after I bought it. I applied the gel as directions stated.Unfortunately, I experienced the stinging feeling around the eye area right after I applied the gel. I checked the ingredients and found out it contained alchohol and I immediately washed off and stopped using it before it got worsen. This product reacted immediately after it touched my skin.
KLAIRS Supple Preparation Unscented Toner
I am really enthusiastic about this toner. Helped me in the dry and cold fall and winter. I'm chronically dehydrated and with fungal acne, finding a barrier-repairing/hydrating product without triggers is not easy. I went through one bottle in a month. The texture is slightly viscous, it gets absorbed after patting well into the skin or waiting a solid couple of minutes. The gel looks like water mixed with a bit of glycerin. The smell is unremarkable, which is great: fragrance-free is the way to go. My only problem is that all those soothing agents tended to do nothing and sometimes exacerbate redness around my nose, and it doesn't get easily absorbed if you have a tiny bit of sebum (so my T-zone). I don't understand, with so many soothing and hydrating ingredients. I also avoid putting it in irritated areas. It's awesome to put on lips (with the KLAIRS or any rayon cotton pads) for a couple of minutes before putting on a lightweight moisturiser and then an occlusive (like petroleum jelly), if i'm home, or just lip balm if i'm not. Love putting it on the under eyes, especially before eye cream. It works well for a "toner mask" in general, but since it spreads with difficulty it can be REALLY wasteful. It could be bigger, but it works perfectly. It layers and mixes well with other products (7 skin or toner in moisturizer). i just feel that after I got my skin out of the "extreme dehydration" area, it didn't feel outstanding anymore.
Somethinc Hyaluronic B5
I never thought I'd say this but Hyaluronic Acid is like a miracle ingredient. I used to have oily and combination skin, and I started to focus on hydration, and voila now my skin is quite stable oil-wise. It's there but I don't feel excessive oil like before. You know, the one you can pat down with a tissue paper and you can see the trail? I don't even buy oil blotting paper anymore, which is fantastic. For those with oily and combination skin, you should rule out the possibility that maybe your skin is dehydrated and it is trying to compensate by producing excess oil. If you use this product, a tip that I got from one of those skin doctors is that since Hyaluronic Acid can hold on to water 33 times more than its weight, you should spray water onto your skin after you use Hyaluronic Acid, so it can do its job! I think you'll find this as incredible as I have.
Somethinc Level 1% Retinol
My first experience with retinol wasn't a good one (V**** Peau) because it broke me out every week! As a first time user, since all the reviews I read said that that tends to happen with retinol I just rolled with it. I switched to Somethinc when it came out, a lil anxious to start in fear of the same breakout galore. But it was a smooth sail from the start! Such a gentle product that doesn't dry you out so much like other retinol serums. I use their Hyaluronic Acid serum beforehand so I guess it makes a difference. This is my second bottle and I don't think I'll ever change product. Noticeable skin improvement such as pores, even skin tone, no more acne! Such a great product. <3
OTSUKA Oronine H Ointment
I first started using this ointment about 3 years ago to help my tattoos heal when I just had them done. It made my skin heal a lot faster and prevented me from itching the tattoo (it's not the greatest at keeping the itchiness at bay thought). I've been using it for every tattoo since then, and I also use this as a spot treatment for pimples and acne. I also sometimes apply it to sensitive areas after I've shaved, and so far it's never irritated my skin.
Garnier Pure Active Anti-Acne White
I use this face wash according to its claim of being anti-acne white and for acne-prone skin. After almost 8 months of use, I felt a significant change. I feel that my skin is not that fussy, after washing my face it doesn't feel attractive, and my acne whiteness is reduced.
Vichy Mineral 89 Hyaluronic Acid Face Moisturizer
My skin looks smoother and moisturized after using this. I know there's no dimethicone in it so i think it's purely because of the minerals. All in all, it's worth the money. So I think i'll use it on a daily basis. Will buy it again when I empty the first bottle. The only downside is its price though. I tried to hunt for a bargain but it's still pretty pricey for me.