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Latest Reviews

By WISHTREND Sulfur 3% Clean Gel
I won this product with a giveaway. It really smells awful. I only saw effects on whiteheads. It wasn't effective for closed comedones. I have combination skin, with dry cheeks. You can't use this and go outside because it smells so weird. I wouldn't pay for it for myself.
The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter
I expected a lot from this lip balm because of the inclusion of shea butter, and how popular the body shop lip balms were when I was still in secondary school. However, this lip balm did absolutely nothing for me, which is extra infuriating because of how much it cost. It doesn't hydrate, protect or even soften. The only thing it's good for is to lubricate the flakes that are falling of my lips. I don't mean that in the same way you slather on vaseline at night and you can wipe off all the dead skin in the morning. You still can't wipe off the dead skin because its still hanging on to your lips and it will hurt if you try to do so, the packaging makes it hard to slather on and you can only get a thin layer on unless you start scrapping the balm (but it's going to taste disgusting like oily vanilla). It does however, make it easier for my cracked lips to stretch (still hurts though) and for the dead skin flakes to feel wet and soggy instead of like hard plastic. It taste and smells like vanilla which some people might enjoy, but after having to reapply every minute I think I'm going to be disgusted by the smell of vanilla for a very long time.
Rohto Mentholatum Melano CC Intensive Anti-Spot Essence
The packaging of this is designed to be airtight to prevent oxidation and has a small opening that prevents people from applying too liberally and helps control the amount they use. However, this also means that it's hard to apply all over the face. It has a light and watery texture that leaves a slight greasy sheen after application. It's definitely a very different texture than anything I've used before. It doesn't feel unpleasant put it makes it confusing when it comes to deciding when to apply it in my routine. It did not dry me out at all even when I put it in dry and sensitive areas like the sides of my nose. I bought this after I had a breakout and applied once a day all over my face. After 3 days I could see that most of the PIH has visibly faded and was completely gone after a week. It even stopped the growth of 2 of my developing acne (I didn't know vitamin C could do that, but this means that at the very least it doesn't irritate the skin). Other than fading PIH, I haven't noticed any dramatic brightening of my overall skintone after
Laneige Water Sleeping Mask
Ever since I started using it I saw an instant improvement in my skin the next day. It goes from being dull and tired to plump, hydrated and glowing! It's a great option for a lazy night when you're too tired to do your full skincare routine or you need an extra boost of hydration for next day results. However, wouldn't recommend it to anybody with sensitive skin as it contains alcohol and fragrance. Nonetheless, I love it!
CosRX Low-pH Good Morning Cleanser
I have started using this cleanser quite recently and it's not my favourite but it still feels very refreshing and cleansing. I've always loved a hint of tea tree to combat my spots and this product has just enough not to make it too overpowering. If you aren't used to the tea tree smell, it can take some getting used to, but don't be put off! I have combination skin so it's working for me but I wouldn't recommend it to dry or ultra sensitive skin as the tea tree can act as an irritant and this cleanser could be even more drying.
Biore Cleansing Oil
It hits all the marks of a good basic cleansing oil in my opinion. Cleanses off makeup and sunscreen. ✅ It doesn't leave a weird film after washing off. ✅ Easy to emulsify and wash off. ✅ It doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped or dry afterwards. ✅ Texture: not thin but not as thick as the DHC cleansing oil To be honest, I haven't been wearing makeup as often while I was using this cleansing oil, but when I did use it, it cleansed off everything. Most of the time I use it to remove just my sunscreen. Because I don't need to wash off that much, sometimes i feel too lazy or that it isn't worth it to do a double cleanse. In those occasions, I never broke out from any left over sunscreen either. Some things i did not enjoy was the heavy fruity scent. I'm not a fan of sickly sweet scents, and it's been a while since I used something with so much fragrance on my skin so it took a lot of getting used to. I have to constantly remind myself that it doesn't matter because it won't be on my skin that long. Would not recommend this for the skin gritting method. It irritated my skin really badly. Although it could just be me having sensitive skin, I didn't have this issue with the face shop rice bright cleansing oil.
CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser for Dry to Normal Skin
This cleanser is very gentle and hydrating, which makes it perfect for sensitive skin like mine. I use it as my 2nd cleanse after oil cleansing. Don't expect a foaming cleanser from this because this one doesn't foam, which was a first for me but you'll get used to it after a while. It's basically a steal considering how much product you are getting for such a low price :)
Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Water and Mimosa Flower Shampoo
I use this shampoo along with the conditioner and the smell is just... AMAZING! The smell just lingers for a whole full day and I can't stop smelling my hair, I even got compliments from other people whenever I wash my hair with this. Sadly, it's very drying on my hair as it has a lot of sulfates :(